Mine Site16358-1000x800220px-Mountmorganmuseum 298961_464926826888786_2099905201_ncapricorn-coast-mount-morganJust a scenic 30 min drive from Rockhampton, this former gold and copper mining town is now quiet and peaceful after the hustle and bustle of nearly 100 years of mining.
In boom times, Mount Morgan Gold Mine was one of the largest and richest in the world, producing 225,000 kg of gold, 50,000 kg of silver and 360 tonnes of copper, between 1882 and 1991. Development of the mine led to the establishment of the town, the railways and the dams. The Mount Morgan Mine is set to recommence operations in 2017.
 Join the Mount Morgan Town and Mine Tour for exclusive access to the mine site, and a complete tour of all Mount Morgan has to offer.
The Mount Morgan Museum has a wonderful collection which displays and reflects the lifestyle and mining activities of the town, and Australian colonial life.
Take a trip back in time at The Heritage Railway Station, with a ride on the fettler trolleys, and the fully restored Hunslett Locomotives.
The period buildings, from Pubs to Churches, Miners Cottages to Queenslanders, the old swinging bridges and the Cemetary, with its monuments to fallen Soldiers and Miners, all echo the towns rich history.

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