Mine Site16358-1000x800220px-Mountmorganmuseum 298961_464926826888786_2099905201_ncapricorn-coast-mount-morganJust a scenic 30 min drive from Rockhampton, this former gold and copper mining town is now quiet and peaceful after the hustle and bustle of nearly 100 years of mining.
Start your day at NewsXpress for Central Qlds very best Coffee and Chai Tea, while browsing unique and unusual gifts and homewares.
Wander up the newly refurbished Main Street, to Debbie Rose Boutique  and Mane Street Hair Design.
Be sure to pop in and chat with our friendly Op shop girls,
then around the corner to Graeme at  Antiques and Collectables.
Enjoy a cold drink and delicious lunch in the Liechardt Hotels Pet Friendly Beer Garden
The Mount Morgan Bakery is well known for its pies, and the ‘Big Dam’ is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic, with a covered playground for the kids, and calm waters for boats and kayaks.
For Dinner, jump on the Bus to the Grand Hotel, Golden Nugget and experience their modern menu. 
Mount Morgan is an amazing 
Community, where you will be made to feel welcome at every stop.
The period buildings, from Pubs to Churches, Miners Cottages to Queenslanders, the old swinging bridges and the Cemetary, with its monuments to fallen Soldiers and Miners, all echo the towns rich history.

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